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Systems Print Media

Systems Print Media are a leading online retailer of label printers, label supplies, and barcode systems, and have been operating for 20 years. They pride themselves on providing specialist technical expertise to their customers so that they achieve the greatest possible cost efficiencies from their purchase from Systems Print Media. They had an existing Magento website that they wished to improve upon so that it was mobile friendly, secure, and greatly improved in terms of functionality and user experience.


Systems Print Media wanted to significantly improve their existing Magento website, improving its functionality and user experience by improving the site layout, making the site mobile friendly, and making the site more secure. It was crucial that the changes that we made did not affect the site speed which needed to be maintained, or preferably increased.


Systems Print Media offer a huge range of products so we began by looking at competitor sites and sites that sold products with a similar depth and breadth in their range to see how they dealt with the complexity. Using our research we created a way of organising the products that was logical and customer-friendly. This included developing a way of presenting products that include multiple options in a contained and easy-to-use panel.

We then drilled down into the product range and looked at how each section of the product range could be best presented on the page. We wanted to reorganise the product pages to improve layout and styling, and rewrite product descriptions to highlight the unique selling points offered by Systems Print Media using a standardised format to ensure clarity and cohesion across the site. We also wanted to add cart functionality to the site. The last strand of or strategy was to create a site-wide, action-oriented contact form to encourage existing or potential customers to make contact with any questions or queries.


We began by restructuring the current site so that the layout created a better user experience. As part of this process over 300 product descriptions were rewritten into a standardised format to create cohesion across the site. The site was optimised for mobile usage, and we created a configuration tool to combine a large number of product pages into user-friendly configurable product pages, greatly improving site navigation and sales conversion. We addressed site security, applying modern security standards to the site’s user accounts and checkout process, along with updating the hosting configuration to ensure a well-rounded, secure environment. We implemented a templated contact form which is available on each category and product page, putting customers only one click away from contact should a question arise.

Using our prior SEO analysis, we to improved the site’s search performance from a technical and on-page perspective, and added product schema to product pages to leverage product information and prices as snippets in search results. We restructured the site to remove deprecated products and categories, and we implemented a URL migration strategy to redirect users to new product URLs.

We analysed the backlink profile of the website and undertook measures to mitigate the issues caused by spam that had affected the site prior to its management by Net22. Alongside this we increased product visibility by implementing Google Shopping feeds and undertaking PPC campaigns. To safeguard the ongoing SEO performance of the site we provide monitoring of the site using Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and other specialised SEO tools and crawlers.


We created an easy-to-use-and-navigate website for Systems Print Media that has fast and secure ordering processes, and offers customers an easy way to communicate with Systems Print Media about any product, question, or query they may have no matter where they were on the site. The site is in excellent SEO-health, performing well on the page and in Google Shopping feeds and PPC campaigns. The result is an exceptionally functional and professional website with a reduced bounce rate, increased figures for time-on-site, and an increase in online conversion rates.

Live Site

View systemsprintmedia.co.uk

01 Strategy

  • SEO Audit
  • Competition Research
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • Performance Testing
  • Analytics Review

02 Content

  • Identity Design
  • UX/UI Design
  • Copywriting

03 Development

  • Full Website
  • Feature Development
  • On-page SEO
  • Website Hosting
  • Site Performance

04 Marketing

  • AdWords Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Third Party Feeds
  • Advanced Analytics
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