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Net22 is a full-service digital consulting agency that can work with you to take your business concept and bring it online and into a fully functioning sales channel. No matter what stage of development your business is at – from a germinating idea all the way through to an established business trading for years – we’re able to work with you to build and consolidate your digital presence.

Ecommerce Consultancy

Our comprehensive ecommerce consultancy services will give clarity to your vision, turning your online business goals into real and achievable outcomes.

SEO Audit + Strategy

A comprehensive SEO audit allows us to create a strategy that improves website performance in search engine results pages

Feasibility Study

Look before you leap and use our analysis to effectively compete with online competitors and to remove any barriers before launching online

Competition Research

A full online audit of your competitors to determine their online strengths, weaknesses, strategies, and how best you can compete with them

Conversion Optimisation

An analysis of your website, analytics, and competitor sites to identify opportunities to improve sales figures and maximise ROI

Performance Testing

By using rigorous benchmark and user testing methods we can understand how your website stands up to usage and suggest improvements

Analytics Review

We’ll create a package of the most insightful and relevant reporting tools for your business

Website Development

By forming a strong partnership with our clients we work together to create useful and beautiful websites, and offer long-term support as they grow their online business.

Planning & Strategy

Dot all the I’s and cross all the t’s with a comprehensive feasibility study for your proposed online business, including rigorous competitor research to see where you best fit in the marketplace

Identity Design

Revitalise your brand with a design makeover and a fresh digital approach for the web, creating a freshly polished online persona for your business

UX/UI Design

Our designs are always easy on the eye, but they’re also intuitive to use and built with your target audience in mind

Feature Development

Sometimes businesses require a website with a special function that isn’t already out there. No problem, we can develop the tool in-house

On-page SEO

Understanding which elements of your webpages are affecting search engine ranks lets us improve your site page by page for higher rankings


We can help refine what you have, or provide fresh and original copy from scratch to create clear and readable content that’s relevant and engaging

Website Hosting

We’re the website host with the most. Google Cloud offers great performance and flexibility to ensure your website is fast and instantly scalable

A/B Testing

Check your assumptions by creating multiple versions of individual pages, and find which performs the best by analysing user feedback in analytics

Site Performance

We use a whole bag of tricks including code optimisation, compression, caching technologies, and load balancing to ensure your website is fast

Digital Marketing

We create results-driven digital marketing strategies with built-in feedback, so we can focus on what's working, and change the things that aren’t.

Strategy & Planning

This underpins all of our digital marketing services, and the feedback we get from analytics informs any further strategy and planning

AdWords Management

Our Google certified AdWords team have just two aims; to help you to make the most of your AdWords budget, and to maximise your returns

SEO Overhaul

Get the most from your existing website investment by using our SEO services to gain more traffic and sales

Email Marketing

We create engaging email campaigns that drive a higher than average response, all tracked using Google Analytics

Social Media Marketing

Harness the power of social media by leveraging our collateral and campaign strategies, designed to help you get the most from your efforts

Mobile Advertising

Our analysis will outline what opportunities are available and how to best execute them

Brand/Product Awareness

When your aims are more subtle than just generating more sales, we can build campaigns focussed on raising brand or product awareness

Third Party Feeds

Seamlessly integrate your ecommerce site with other selling channels such as Facebook, eBay, and Amazon

Advanced Analytics

Understand your business objectives and monitor your progress using bespoke reporting and multi-channel input

Use the platform most suited for your project

Magento logo

Without contest, Magento is simply the best e-commerce framework available on the web. For scalability and fine-tuned control, if your business is looking to get serious about marketing and selling products online, Magento has the tools for the job.

Wordpress logo

You only need a website to engage your audience and promote your services, but you want the freedom to create and update your own content. WordPress is a well-established, flexible content management system that puts you in control of your site's presentation.

Hand coded logo

You expect minimal updates to your website or simply don't want the fuss of managing your own content. We'll develop a highly performant site that is coded specifically to suit your needs so you can establish your online presence with minimal overhead.

Team up with a Google Partner

As a certified Google Partner, Net22 can help you make the most of your online advertising and build a solid web presence.

Google awards the badge to companies they trust to help businesses and individuals succeed on the web using Google products and tools.

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  • Google Analytics

  • Google AdWords

  • Google Shopping

  • Google Mail

  • Google Plus

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