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Big Art and Banners

Big Art and Banners is one of the UK’s leading large print specialists and conduct the vast majority of their business through their website. Their online business was already successful but they wanted to build on this success and consolidate their position as a UK-wide large print specialist. They wanted a site that was optimised for mobile usage, and which had improved technical performance, user experience, and conversions to sales.


Big Art and Banners wanted us to help them to build on their online success by creating a new website that was optimised for mobile usage, and reflected their status as a leading UK retailer in the large print sector. To reflect Big Art’s market position the site needed to look smart and professional, user experience needed to be at the heart of the design, it needed to have first rate functionality to allow customers to place custom orders, increased page speed, and improved on-page SEO.

Because Big Art and Banners undertakes the majority of its business and sales online site security was also an important consideration, and would need to be first-rate to protect both the business and its online customers. It was also vital that the new site was upgraded for mobile usage in order to maximise sales from the growing number of people who make purchases from their mobiles. Big Art and Banners also wanted to expand the services that they offered to their customers through the new site, including many new custom products that needed to be coherently conveyed to potential customers through a web interface.


We were in the fortunate position of having worked with Big Art and Banners for over 6 years as one of our long-term clients. This meant that we had access to user feedback and analytics data gathered over this period, which we augmented with the experience and industry knowledge garnered by our previous work with Big Art, and used this to create a strategy to achieve their objectives. We coordinated with Big Art employees in all departments to create an online solution that would accommodate and improve internal processes.


Once the branding and design decisions were made, work began on outlining and structuring site development and the content to be presented on the site. Frameworks were selected and installed for the site to leverage, and the site pages were designed and coded. During this phase we also gathered, uploaded, and categorised site content such as product descriptions and imagery, product brand information, iconography, and other site assets. The client was then presented with mock-ups of page templates and an outline of the technologies used to run the website.

Previously the site had been customised to the point that the client could no longer control the content due to technical complexities, so we developed the new site to return full control of the site’s product offerings, pricing configuration, etc to the client, allowing quick changes without external involvement (although we managed the initial content entry and site configuration).

We addressed site security by applying modern security standards to the site’s user accounts and checkout process, as well as updating the hosting configuration to ensure a well-rounded, secure environment.

We used key word research to inform updates to the site navigation as well as on-page optimisation of category and product pages. The site was comprehensively restructured and deprecated products and categories were removed, and a URL site migration was implemented to redirected users to new URLs.

We provide ongoing development, technical and on-page SEO support, as well identifying opportunities for growth at local and national levels to consolidate rankings. We run paid advertising campaigns to target and drive users to the site via non-organic or direct channels.


Since its redevelopment the Big Art and Banners website has gone from strength to strength and it is now one of the best large format print sites worldwide. The site’s bounce rate has seen a 10% reduction. Average customer time on site has increased by 80%, and the site’s online conversion rates have risen by up to 90%.

Live Site

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01 Strategy

  • SEO Audit
  • Competition Research
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • Performance Testing
  • Analytics Review

02 Content

  • Identity Design
  • UX/UI Design
  • Copywriting

03 Development

  • Full Website
  • Feature Development
  • On-page SEO
  • Website Hosting
  • Site Performance

04 Marketing

  • AdWords Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Third Party Feeds
  • Advanced Analytics
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